Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodwood Revival Meeting 13-15 September 2013

This classic car and motorcycle race meeting must by now be the largest and best organised event on the planet .

There are cars with the values of £10,000 pounds to 25 million being raced in anger and, every now and then, having major, major crash damage caused by adventures into gravel traps, shunts with other cars or armco's or simple gaps in concentration.

Motorcycles do not command these amazing prices but still have values up to £500,000 and are still raced to the limit, most times faster than the cars even though they have only two tyres worth of rubber to stick them to the track.

Surely this type of racing is the purest.

Racing for the hell of it and sod the costs, racing to win for no other reason than the love of the sport. 

Some have to come first and second is to lose ( I think Black Eagle Racing has this attitude) but not at an event like Goodwood.  Winning is not all, there are many other attractions to see and remember long may this event continue.

All we who race and attend this meeting should acknowledge the fantastic energy an input of Charlie Marsh and his hoardes of helpers. This event has much to offer its not just about racing.

Where else can one see the one-off presentations, exhibitions of all things mechanical, auctions with high quality merchandise and air displays.  Simply taking your breath away.

Add to that the amazing spectacle of thousands of people in 40s 50s and 60s period costume the event is truly a feast for the eyes.  

All around and all weekend long, there are spontaneous demonstrations of life lived in the good old days, many with authentic costumes, uniforms, and props, staying in character the whole time 

Black Eagle David Kay Racing would recommend this spectacular event to every man, woman and child with only the slightest interest in motorsport.  This event just blows your mind away.

Nearly forgot for our results in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy races - see our racing page.

Stay safe

Black Eagle Racing Team

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